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You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Read on for our quick responses and feel free to email us if you can’t find the info you’re looking for.

What do you make? And what’s in your products?

We make a line of vibrant chicken sausages with ~50% vegetables and spices and ~50% humanely-raised chicken. The starting lineup? Citrus Kale Chimichurri, Sweet Potato Andouille, and Gold Squash Sweet Italian. Learn more about these flavors and our ingredients.

Wait, didn’t you guys used to make juice?

Yes, we did! We chose to stop juice production in Fall 2018 in order to focus on new product development. We’ve always known we wanted to expand into new products but as a growing brand, we want to direct 100% of our energy and resources toward new product development and our larger vision of Misfit Foods. This move allows us to think bigger and expand our impact. This is an exciting, NEW era for Misfit. We’re excited to bring you along in this journey toward launching Misfit Foods, and we can’t wait for you to try our new products.

Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase our sausages through FoodKick if you’re in NYC (more specifically: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) and all 15 Fairway Markets in the greater NYC metro area (NYC, NJ, LI, CT). Check out our find us page, where we keep all current retail locations updated.

If you’re outside New York City, let us know where you’d like our sausages to be sold and we’ll get on it! Also, stay tuned as we launch into new retailers.

Where does your chicken come from?  

Curious about where our meat comes from? Good! We take it seriously, and we like that you do too. Our sausages are minimally processed, contain no artificial ingredients, hormones or antibiotics, and are free of added nitrates and nitrites except those occurring naturally. Our meat comes from Springer Mountain Farms, a family-owned farm in Northeast Georgia. You can read more about Springer Mountain Farm’s practices here. We’re excited to be working with them on this product.

Where can I find the nutritional info and ingredients for the products?

Right here!

How is this different from other sausages?

Good question! It depends what you’re comparing us to but in general:

Meat You in the Middle: Our sausages are made with 50% veggies and seasoning & 50% humanely raised chicken. Our high veggie content is the biggest differentiator between our sausages and others in the market.

Real, Good Ingredients: We do not use processed protein substitutes or pureed vegetable binders. You know, just real, good food. 

The packaging in store is different than on your website. What gives?

The packaging you see on our website is coming to stores soon. In the meantime our products will have the following packaging.


I thought you were a juice company….?

We were! In a former life, we were Misfit Juicery. We stopped juice production in October 2018 and set out to build Misfit Foods, a company with a larger vision of tackling climate change through an entire universe of delicious products that meets customers where they’re at. This is SO different from juice, we know, but we’re excited about the expanded impact we can have with products beyond juice. Read more about our journey here.

Do you still use fruit and veg that would otherwise be wasted?

While we still believe stopping food waste is an important component of fighting climate change, we no longer exclusively source produce that would otherwise be wasted for our sausages. That being said because we are processing the vegetables they do not have the same aesthetic standards of the typical supermarket produce. As we grow we will always be diligent in limiting waste throughout our supply chain. Also, note that we're still and always will be a mission-based company, we're a registered public benefit corporation (PBC). With our blended sausages, we aim to reduce our overall environmental impact by reducing but not eliminating our meat consumption through the addition of wholesome veggies.

What about the impact of meat on climate change/the environment? Doesn’t meat consumption have a negative impact on the planet?

Yes, we know that the meat industry has a significant impact on the environment but we also know that while 66% of consumers are reducing meat consumption, only 9% try to become fully vegetarian.

Big behavior change is challenging and while many people want to eat a veggie-forward diet, they also enjoy eating meat (for cultural, health or other reasons) and don’t want to give it up cold turkey.

We believe that small shifts by many individuals add up to big change. And that we can’t tackle climate change without addressing meat consumption in the US. So we created a product that makes it easy to swap into your existing lifestyle while still reducing the meat you consume overall.

Here’s a good read from the New York Times if you want more food for thought.